Toyosu tuna auction reopens to public

The Yomiuri Shimbun

The public was able to view tuna auctions at Tokyo’s Toyosu wholesale market for the first time in about five months on Thursday, as it had been suspended as a result of the pandemic.

The sound of a bell signaled the start of the auction at around 5:30 a.m. Visitors looked down at the live auction from behind glass and took pictures of the rows and rows of raw and frozen tuna that were set to be sold.

“I came here before school,” said a third-year high school student in Koto Ward, Tokyo. “It was really intense seeing it for the first time.”

Viewings had been allowed on and off amid the pandemic, but the public had not been able to attend since Jan. 11 as a result of the sixth wave of infections.

Currently, only 27 visitors — selected via a lottery — are allowed to attend. The deadline for applications to attend the June auctions has already passed. However, applications for the July auctions are open until June 7.