India rejects SDF aircraft to stop to collect Ukraine aid

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — India has refused to allow Self-Defense Forces aircraft to stop there to collect aid supplies for Ukraine, a key member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party said Thursday.

“The acceptance of SDF aircraft was rejected by India, the point of loading,” LDP policy chief Sanae Takaichi told a meeting of the party’s Policy Research Council Board.

The government was scheduled to start dispatching the SDF aircraft this weekend after the LDP board and the cabinet approve the plan on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

The dispatch is expected to be delayed as the government needs to reconsider the plan.

SDF aircraft cannot enter a foreign country’s territory without its permission.

Some people say India’s rejection reflects its long-standing ties with Russia, which is invading Ukraine.

“The government will consider possible various support, but nothing specific has been decided at the moment,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told a news conference Thursday.

The government had planned to have SDF aircraft pick up blankets and other supplies for Ukraine at Mumbai of India and Dubai of the United Arab Emirates and carry them to Poland or Romania.