Japanese passport applications to be made available online

Various procedures for renewing passports will be made available online from next fiscal year.

The process of issuing passports, which requires identity verification, will be done in person, but applicants will be able to submit the required documentation online.

All passport issuance procedures are currently done on paper, and applicants must go to the passport office at least twice, once to submit the application documents and once to receive the passport.

The online method simplifies the process by having the applicant go to the passport office only once, when receiving their passport.

However, first-time applicants will still need to bring the original copy of their family register to the passport office.

The Foreign Ministry is considering issuing passports by mail from fiscal 2024, based on how many people use the online process.

The ministry is also considering using the My Number card to handle the identification process, which is currently done in person.