Sapporo trims ¥90 billion from estimate for hosting 2030 Winter Games as part of bid

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Sapporo city hall

Sapporo, which is planning to bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, said Monday the city will reduce the cost of hosting the Games by up to ¥90 billion.

The city originally estimated the cost would be ¥310 billion to ¥370 billion, but the figure has been trimmed to ¥280 billion to ¥300 billion.

According to the plans, operating expenses will be reduced from ¥230 billion to the ¥200 billion to ¥220 billion range. The expenses will be covered by ticket and sponsorship revenues, and no money from the city’s tax coffers will be used.

Facility construction costs were initially expected to be ¥80 billion to ¥140 billion, but that outlay will be kept within ¥80 billion by utilizing existing facilities.

The city has been working to reduce the price tag in response to the problem of cost overruns for the Tokyo Games.

Sapporo plans to conduct a survey of Hokkaido residents in March, asking whether they want to host the Games. The city will also start an initiative in January in which officials will exchange opinions with Sapporo residents in a bid to gain their understanding.

“We fully support the city’s vision to renew Sapporo into a city friendly to both people and the environment,” Japanese Olympic Committee President Yasuhiro Yamashita said in a statement. “We’ll work closely with the city and related organizations, and do our utmost to realize the bid.”