Sapporo plans full rollout of meal-planning smartphone app

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
A recipe suggested by the Uchirepi app is displayed on a smartphone screen.

Sapporo Holdings Ltd. plans to officially rollout a smartphone app that helps users shop more efficiently by suggesting meals based on ingredients leftover in the user’s fridge.

In addition to planning meals, the app will also reportedly collect data on consumer spending habits that could be used by food manufacturers and retailers to refine product strategies, as Sapporo continues to branch out beyond its core beer business.

Called Uchirepi, the app was developed by Sapporo in January this year. A prototype version was made available in June for trials in cooperation with Ito-Yokado Co., Sharp Corp., and other companies. As of the end of October, the prototype had been downloaded by 34,200 users, and Sapporo confirmed that some users added additional ingredients to their shopping carts on the suggestion of the app.

An official version of the Uchirepi app is slated to launch next summer. It is expected to tie in with the Line free messaging app to provide enhanced sharing functions, such as allowing users to share menus and feedback on dishes among family members.

Consumer data obtained through the app will be anonymized and made available to food industry businesses, for purposes such as product advertising and promotion timing, sources said.