Goats Enjoy Rooftop Meals at Refurbished Zoological Park in Tokyo

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Goats eat grass on the roof of a building at Itabashi Kodomo Dobutsu-en zoological park in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo, on Friday.

A zoological park for children is to reopen Tuesday in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo, after major refurbishments — including a new building where goats can eat grass on its rooftop.

The new building at Itabashi Kodomo Dobutsu-en park is used to house goats, and the roof is covered with grass to help lower the temperature in summer. Goats also like climbing to high places, so the grass-covered roof can be used to exhibit them to visitors.

Currently, only three goats can climb to the 4-meter-high roof, but park officials said that another nine were being trained to do so.

Admission to the park is free. Goats will be exhibited on the rooftop mainly on weekends, if the weather is good.