Filipino Man Arrested on Suspicion of Abandoning Couple’s Bodies in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Suspect Brian Jefferson Dela Cruz is sent from the Nishi-Arai Police Station in Adachi-Ward, Tokyo, on Tuesday morning

A Filipino man was arrested Monday on suspicion of abandoning the bodies of a married couple, in connection with a case in which two bodies were found under the floor of a house in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward, police said.

Suspect Brian Jefferson Dela Cruz,34, a Filipino national from Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, whose occupation is unknown, has admitted to the charge, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Dela Cruz is an acquaintance of Hazel Ann Morales, 30, a Filipino national, who has already been arrested on the same charge.

Photo from facebook
Suspect Hazel Ann Morales

According to the police, Dela Cruz in conspiracy with Molares abandoned the bodies of a married couple — both in their 50s — at their home on or around Jan. 16.

Analysis of security camera footage showed that Molares was with Dela Cruz near the couple’s house on the day of the incident, investigative sources said. She was also found to have dumped bloodstained clothing in a garbage can near her home.

Molares was a former girlfriend of the couple’s eldest son, 31, who stated that he and the woman were involved in a dispute over money he had lent her, according to the police.