Japan Sees Facial Care Products Sales Boost As Mask Rules Relax

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A shop clerk gives advice on skin care to customers in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, on March 7 ahead of the easing of mask-wearing rules.

Facial cosmetic and skincare products have been selling well since the government announced in February the easing of guidelines for wearing masks, seeming to show that more and more people are preparing to go maskless.

Household goods seller Loft Co., which has 151 stores nationwide, saw sales of foundations increase 2.5 times in February from the same month last year. Lip cream sales increased 1.5 times.

The novel coronavirus pandemic gave some people an excuse not to put on makeup or to shave regularly. Since February, however, more and more women have been purchasing lipstick. Men have increasingly been buying razors and scissors for shaving and removing nasal hair, according to sources.

“It appears that many people are buying products to look decent and solve skin problems, which masks have been concealing,” said a Loft press officer. “I have a feeling that more and more women will start thinking, ‘I want to take off the mask and enjoy putting on makeup,’ from now on.”