Dual coronavirus, influenza testing kit now available

Courtesy of Fujirebio Inc.
An antigen test kit produced by Fujirebio Inc. that is capable of testing for both the novel coronavirus and influenza.

An antigen test kit capable of simultaneously checking for coronavirus and influenza started online sales Monday, Tokyo-based manufacturer Fujirebio Inc. has said.

The kit, approved by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry earlier this month, is the first antigen test kit capable of checking for both infectious diseases at the same time.

Drugstores are scheduled to begin stocking the test from early next month.

Symptomatic patients take the tests themselves by taking mucus from the nasal cavity with a cotton swab. Results are determined after 20 minutes.

The kit costs around ¥2,000 to ¥2,500 per dose.

Two other dual testing kits by Oita Prefecture-based Adtec Inc. and Tokyo-based Medical & Biological Laboratories Co. were also approved by the ministry last week.

Both companies are also preparing to sell their kits online and in drugstores in the future.