4th round of vaccinations begins in Japan

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A man receives his fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

The fourth round of novel coronavirus vaccinations began in various parts of the nation on Wednesday for people aged 60 and older and those aged 18 to 59 with underlying medical conditions.

The vaccinations are intended to prevent people from becoming seriously ill.

According to the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry, about 34.6 million people aged 60 or older will be eligible for a fourth inoculation by August, as at least five months will have passed since those persons’ third dose.

One of those inoculated on Wednesday was a 78-year-old doctor who received a shot of the vaccine made by Pfizer Inc. of the United States. “I live with my grandchildren, so that makes me feel better for the time being,” said the man, who was vaccinated at a venue in Minato Ward, Tokyo.