Self-Defense Forces run vaccination venue to reopen in Tokyo on Jan. 31

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Japan’s Defense Ministry decided Tuesday to reopen a Self-Defense Forces-run COVID-19 vaccination venue in Tokyo on Jan. 31, while planning to reopen such a venue in Osaka on Feb. 7.

The number of people who can be inoculated there will be about 3,000 a day, about one-fifth of the capacity of similar venues opened last year, as available space is limited this time.

Moderna Inc.’s novel coronavirus vaccine will be used at the SDF-run venues. People aged 18 or over, wherever they live in the country, can receive their third COVID-19 vaccine shots there at least six months after their second shots.

Reservations will be accepted through the internet and by phone from Jan. 28 for the Tokyo venue and on Feb. 4 for the Osaka venue.

“By showing the SDF acting quickly, we would like to encourage local governments in their preparations (for booster shots), State Minister of Defense Makoto Oniki said.