Returnees Required to Provide Location Information

Yomiuri Shimbun file photos
The Japanese flag

The government announced Wednesday that it would ask Japanese nationals returning from abroad and foreigners residing in Japan who are reentering the country to provide their location information as necessary for 14 days after their return due to the spread of new variants of the novel coronavirus overseas.

If they do not comply, the government will publish their names.

The government had been requiring Japanese returnees and reentering foreigners to stay at home and to not use public transportation for 14 days after entering Japan. Hereafter, the government will require them to store location information on their cell phones and other devices, and to show their location information when requested by public health centers and other authorities.

Returnees will be required to submit written pledges regarding these matters. If Japanese nationals are found to be in violation, their names will be made public. If foreigners living in Japan are found to be in violation, they will have their names and nationalities published, and will be subject to possible revocation of their status of residence and deportation.

Those who refuse to submit the written pledges will be asked to stay at a designated place for 14 days.

The government has suspended the entry of new foreigners into Japan in principle, and has decided to strengthen measures to prevent the spread of the virus, as there are fears that Japanese nationals returning to their home country may bring the mutated virus back with them.