Fujitsu to Develop AI-based System to Find Missing People with Dementia; Training System with Distinct Movement Patterns

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Fujitsu Ltd.

Fujitsu Ltd. will begin developing a system using artificial intelligence to find dementia patients with footage from security cameras installed near streets and in stores.

The system would involve using the walking patterns common among dementia patients to train AI to identify them in video images. The AI-based system will be connected to security cameras near streets and in stores to find the patients soon after they leave their homes or care facilities.

With the aim of utilizing it in or after fiscal 2027, Fujitsu subsidiary Ridgelinez Ltd. will develop it in conjunction with the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, and others.

Dementia patients are said to unconsciously drag their feet or walk in short strides. The system would involve understanding these characteristics through the comparison of walking styles between dementia patients and other elderly people, as well as training the AI to learn the movement of about 20 body parts, including the heads, hips and knees of patients.

Fujitsu has jointly developed an AI-based system with the International Gymnastics Federation that analyzes the performances of gymnasts to help evaluate their performance, and the system has been used at international competitions.

Fujitsu plans to utilize this expertise to establish AI-based analysis technology by 2025 and increase its accuracy for practical use.