Yomiuri Shimbun Among Members of Association Developing New Internet Standard

The Yomiuri Shimbun

A group of companies including The Yomiuri Shimbun has established a research association that will study a proposal for a new internet framework aimed at making it easier to identify the source of digital media.

Researchers led by Keio University have proposed a web standard called Originator Profile that is aimed at improving the transparency of media sources online.

Comprising 11 companies including newspaper publishers, other media organizations and advertising technology firms, the new association will conduct trials of the technology in Japan with the aim of developing a global standard.

Under the proposed framework, digital identifiers are assigned to each item of online media, such as articles or advertisements. The identifiers would enable internet users to confirm whether the media was trustworthy.

The 11 companies hope a framework can be developed that will enable web users to confirm the trustworthiness of media via internet browsers.

If the framework becomes a standard, it will be easier for users to identify malicious websites that spread inaccurate information or misleading advertisements.

For advertisers, the framework would help them prevent such problems as their ads being carried on malicious websites.

The team of researchers led by Keio University Prof. Jun Murai has conducted basic studies of the technology. Wider studies are necessary before the framework can be used in practical applications.

Murai is the director general of the association.

Keio University’s Cyber Civilization Research Center and major Japanese advertisement companies will be involved in trials of the technology.

The association will solicit other companies and organizations to join the group to promote the framework.