New Species of Snake Named after Actor Harrison Ford

LIMA (AFP-Jiji) — Scientists working in Peru have named a new species of snake after Harrison Ford in honor of the “Indiana Jones” actor’s support for conservation work.

The 40 centimeter reptile was first discovered in May 2022 in the jungle mountains of Otishi National Park, San Marcos National University said last month.

But it was not until now that researchers concluded it was a previously unknown species.

This creature is a yellowish-brown color, with black spots, a black belly and copper eyes.

It has been given the scientific name Tachymenoides harrisonfordi.

The snake was first found by a team led by Edgar Lehr, a U.S.-German biologist.

It is now named after Ford because he is active in the field of environmental issues, Lehr told AFP from the state of Illinois.

“I found out that Harrison Ford agreed to have his name used via a consultation that Conservation International made,” he added, referring to an NGO.

He said the snake was discovered in an area that is only accessible by helicopter.

“It took us seven days to find it,” said Lehr.

The snake is harmless to humans but it is good at hunting toads and lizards, he added.

Lehr led a team of researchers from San Marcos National University, Florida International University and Illinois Wesleyan University.

Salamandra, the German Journal of Herpetology, published last month a study on the discovery of the snake.