Rare Albino Puma Cub Born in Nicaragua Zoo

A four-week-old albino puma cub, born in captivity and considered an endangered species, plays with its mother at Thomas Belt Zoo on Aug. 23.

JUIGALPA, Nicaragua (AFP-Jiji) — A rare specimen of albino puma was born about six weeks ago in a zoo in Nicaragua, zoo officials said.

“We are taking all measures to be able to keep him as healthy as possible, together with his mother,” veterinarian Carlos Molina from the Thomas Belt Zoo told AFP.

“He is healthy, his body is in good condition,” said the vet from the zoo in Juigalpa in Chontales department, about 140 kilometers from the capital Managua.

The fur of common pumas at birth is light brown or reddish with black flecks. The genetic mutation that causes white pigmentation is rare among the species, and there are hardly any documented cases in the world.

“We are happy to have it because you don’t see this very often,” Molina said.