Japanese Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa Arrives at ISS

Courtesy of NASA TV
Satoshi Furkukawa, front right, is seen on the International Space Station on Monday in this screengrab from video.

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The Crew-7 spacecraft carrying four astronauts, including Japan’s Satoshi Furukawa, 59, arrived at the International Space Station around 10:15 p.m. Sunday Japan time.

The hatch was opened around midnight Sunday, and the astronauts entered the ISS.

Astronauts who have already been stationed at the ISS welcomed Furukawa and the other three. They hugged and shook hands with each other.

At a ceremony held after the arrival, Furukawa said that he wants to work steadily with the wonderful international crew.

This is Furukawa’s first stay at the ISS since his long-term mission in 2011. The other three astronauts who traveled to the ISS with Furukawa are from the United States, Russia and Denmark.