Koichi Wakata: Japanese Food Was Popular Among U.S., Russian Astronauts on ISS

Courtesy of JAXA
Astronaut Koichi Wakata speaks during an online press conference in the United States.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata, who returned to Earth from his latest mission in March, said the Japanese food he took to the International Space Station was popular among the other astronauts.

At an online press conference in the United States on Wednesday, Wakata, 59, said Japanese food “led to better communication and teamwork” during the mission, which included U.S. and Russian astronauts.

Wakata, who spent about five months on the ISS, also mentioned challenges he faced including coolant leaks and problems during a spacewalk.

Regarding future activities, he said, “I’d like to contribute to the development of Japan’s manned space activities.” He said he hopes to use his experience to support the new astronaut candidates, Ayu Yoneda, 28, and Makoto Suwa, 46.