Komeito Seeks Government Support for Originator Profile to Combat Disinformation Generated by AI Technology

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Visitors listen to an explanation of the Originator Profile technology at the Digital and Tech Exhibition in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, in April.

Ruling coalition partner Komeito has drafted a proposal seeking government support for the development of Originator Profile (OP), a digital technology that identifies the creators of information on the internet.

The draft proposal on artificial intelligence calls for the government to take the lead in supporting the development and adoption of digital technologies such as OP, as part of efforts to combat disinformation generated by AI. Komeito plans to submit the proposal to the government soon.

The party is calling for a “human-centered AI society” in which humans properly control and utilize AI.

It is “urgent to take visionary and effective measures,” the proposal asserts, against infringements of human rights and copyrights caused by disinformation.

In addition to OP, which domestic and foreign media and others aim to put into practical use by 2025, Komeito’s draft also cites the need to support digital watermarking technology to identify documents and images created by AI.

A grading system for information providers also needs to be established, the proposal says, so that users can identify correct information on the internet.

The draft seeks cooperation between the public and private sectors so that effective technologies such as OP can be included, as an international standard, in the main internet browsers.

The Artificial Intelligence Act, a major act to comprehensively regulate the development and operation of AI, was approved by the European Union in May.

The draft proposed by Komeito argues that Japan also needs to create a new legal system for AI that includes comprehensive regulations that address such issues as life and human rights. It calls for a review of related systems in areas that significantly impact society, such as disasters, elections, medical care and finance.