Visitors Relish Playing in Snow at Iwate Event

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Visitors stroll through an ice cave in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture on Jan.20

MORIOKA — The Ice World event, where visitors can enter a giant ice cave and play in the snow, is being held at the Mahora Iwate recreation facility in Morioka.

Visitors, including family groups, have been enjoying the event amid sub-zero temperatures. Ice World runs through Feb. 25.

The 20-meter-long ice cave is a popular photo spot. Other features include a castle. From its second floor, you can overlook the venue, which is illuminated at night with about 600,000 bulbs.

Visitors can also spend time at a bar counter made of ice and in an igloo-like “kamakura” snow dome.

“It was so cold I couldn’t feel my hands, but everything was beautiful. I’m glad I came,” said a 27-year-old visitor from Sendai who visited with a friend.