Kochi: Ocean-view Inn Famed for Bonito Reopens

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The renovated Kuroshio Honjin in Naka-Tosa, Kochi Prefecture

NAKA-TOSA, Kochi — A town-owned lodging facility that offers fresh bonito cuisine in Naka-Tosa, Kochi Prefecture, has reopened following extensive renovations.

On a hill near Kure fishing port, which boasts more than 400 years of history in bonito fishing, hot spring inn Kuroshio Honjin was built in December 1996. It is operated by an organization wholly owned by the Naka-Tosa town government, which touts the town as “bonito land.”

The inn’s hot spring facilities offer a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. The facility was closed in late December for renovation work on its guest rooms and spa facilities. Before the work started, the inn attracted a cumulative total of 324,000 people .

The four-story main building’s design was inspired by a lodging house that existed around a couple of centuries ago. The ocean can be seen from all rooms.

After the renovation, the view from the spa has been improved by replacing the glass in the facility and guests can now experience grilling bonito to make katsuo no tataki, lightly roasted bonito served sliced.

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A member of Kuroshiro Honjin’s kitchen staff demonstrates how to grill bonito in Naka-Tosa, Kochi Prefecture.

“The bonito in this spring’s catch have a good amount of fat and are excellent,” said a member of the inn’s cooking staff.