Yamaguchi: Indonesian monkey catchers

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Gabriel Mau, second from left, and other Indonesian technical interns hold certificates of gratitude from the Yamaguchi city government on Aug. 18.

YAMAGUCHI — Four Indonesian technical interns received certificates of gratitude from the Yamaguchi city government for catching a dangerous monkey.

Gabriel Mau, 29, and three other men in their 20s who work for a construction company based in the city, caught the male Japanese macaque, estimated to be about 4 years old, on the night of July 28.

According to the city government, the monkey entered the employee dormitory of the company where the four reside, climbing through a screen door on the second floor. The dormitory is in the Ogori district of the city, where multiple incidents of monkey bites and scratches have occurred. A total of 66 injuries have been reported among residents since July 8.

However, after the interns caught the monkey, the incidents stopped.

The certificates of gratitude, along with wagyu beef and apples, were awarded at city hall on Aug. 18.

“I’m glad the damage was stopped,” Mau said with a smile.

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