Vocabulary sheets for Ukrainians

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A Kitakyushu government worker shows communication guide of frequently used words for Ukrainian evacuees.

KITAKYUSHU — A communication guide for Ukrainian evacuees has been created by the Kitakyushu International Association so that evacuees can communicate at local government offices by pointing to words on a list.

The vocabulary sheets were completed with the help of two Ukrainian evacuees living in Kitakyushu. They comprise 93 words in Japanese, Ukrainian and English such as “residence card” and “passport” that are commonly used at the counter, as well as “name,” “date of birth” and “status of residence,” which are necessary for arranging documentation.

The two who cooperated on the project attend Seinan Jo Gakuin University in the city.

“We hope that our translated materials will help those who need them,” the two said in a comment via the city government.

The guide is available on the association’s website (https://www.kitaq-koryu.jp/en/) . The association said they want other municipalities to use it.