Yamaguchi: Handmade baskets wait for fireflies’ light show

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Straw baskets are hung along a street in the Odono district of Yamaguchi City.

YAMAGUCHI — If you take a walk in the Odono district of Yamaguchi City around this time of year, you’ll see spiral-shaped straw baskets spinning in the wind under the eaves of stores and private homes.

Fireflies are placed inside the traditional handicrafts, which are made by members of a local citizens’ group, so as to enjoy their light. In 2018, the city began hanging the baskets to encourage visitors to walk around during the firefly season.

The area along the Ichinosaka River that runs through the district is particularly known for its view of genji botaru fireflies. Now in its fifth year, the tradition of hanging the baskets announces the arrival of early summer.

Currently, 125 baskets are hung at 26 locations, including a local museum, and can be viewed until June 13.

This year, the fireflies are expected to be seen until around June 3, according to the Yamaguchi city government. On May 28, a festival will be held in the evening with stalls lining the streets.