Ishikawa: Heritage summit showcases history, traditions of Japan

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A booth introducing the Noto Kiriko festival at the Komatu Urara theater in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture

KOMATSU, Ishikawa — The Japan Heritage summit in Komatsu was held on Nov. 14-15 in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Sponsored by the Agency of Cultural Affairs, among others, the summit was spread across three buildings in the city: Komatsu Urara theater, Komatsu no Mori Wakuwaku Komatsu Miraikan and Science Hills Komatsu.

Each building featured booths and hands-on experiences highlighting the cultural aspects of 104 currently designated heritage sites.

The Japan Heritage is a project to compile information about the history behind various regions’ cultural properties and customs, and share them with the public in the form of “stories.” The Cultural Affairs Agency is working to certify the narratives.

The prefecture’s Noto Kiriko festival, Komatsu’s stonework culture and Kaga’s Kitamae-bune merchant ship are all registered with the Japan Heritage.

Visitors were able to taste-test various sake at a booth introducing the sake culture of Hyogo Prefecture. Children who visited Tottori Prefecture’s Kirin-Jishi Chinese imaginary creature dance booth used sand from sand dunes in the prefecture to make postcards.

The Komatsu Urara theater hosted the opening ceremony for the summit, during which a school for future kabuki actors in Komatsu performed a nagauta long, epic song called “kanjincho,” among other performances.

“We want to express the perpetuity of Japan’s history in and outside of our nation,” said Shunichi Tokura, commissioner for Cultural Affairs.