Step on the stairs, play the ‘piano’

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A “stair piano” at Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station in Fukuoka City.

A so-called stair piano appeared at Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station in Fukuoka City. These stairs resemble piano keys and produce sounds as people step on them.

Fukuoka City and Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co. came up with the idea in an effort to liven up the city.

It started on Friday and visitors will be able to enjoy these piano sounds until Sept. 11.

The 44 steps of the grand staircase that connects the first and the second floors at the station’s north exit are covered in black and white like a piano keyboard, and the area between the fourth and 18th steps from the bottom is equipped with infrared sensors, which respond to the footsteps of pedestrians and play sounds from two speakers.

The idea is also aimed at encouraging people to use stairs and raising awareness about personal health.

A 2-year-old girl who was holding hands with her mother to “play” the piano said she enjoyed hitting the piano’s many notes.

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