“Fist of the North Star” Writer Buronson Celebrates Completion of Educational Hub for Aspiring Manga Artists

The Yomiuri Shimbun
“Sakumanga-sha,” a hub for manga culture in Saku, Nagano Prefecture.

Buronson, 76, the original author of the iconic “Fist of the North Star” manga and a native of Saku, Nagano Prefecture, celebrated the completion of the “Sakumanga-sha” building’s construction in the same city. He designed the building to serve as a hub for manga culture. The inauguration ceremony took place on Sunday.

The facility, which spans three floors with a total floor area of approximately 630 square meters, will house the “Buronson 100-Hour Manga School,” which Buronson himself has been running as the headmaster since 2018. Additionally, it will foster the development of manga artists and will exhibit their work. Notably, stained glass featuring Jagi, a character from “Fist of the North Star,” has been embedded into the walls along the staircase.

Buronson said, “I would have no words if good manga artists are able to grow here in my hometown.”

The first-floor exhibition room, which will introduce Buronson’s works and contains original manuscripts, is scheduled to be open to the public free of charge from June 2. The ultimate goal is to expand the exhibition to include original artwork from other renowned manga artists in the future.