Mangaka Fujiko Fujio A’s final essay carried in manga magazine

Part of the final installment of an illustrated essay series by Fujiko Fujio A and Rieko Saibara. The installment is titled “Omowanu Sainan” (An unexpected disaster).

An essay by mangaka Fujiko Fujio A, who died in April at 88, is being carried posthumously in the October issue of the manga magazine Big Comic Zokan-go, published Friday.

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Fujiko Fujio A in 2018

The essay was written in late March and is the final installment of an illustrated essay series that has run in the magazine, published by Shogakukan Inc., for about 15 years. The series, “Fujiko Fujio A & Saibara Rieko no Jinsei Kotowaza Omoshiro ‘Man’ Jiten” (Fujiko Fujio A and Rieko Saibara’s dictionary of funny proverbs for life), features essays on proverbs by Fujio, which mangaka Rieko Saibara takes amusing shots at with her illustrations.

The magazine’s October issue carries a photo of the first part of Fujiko’s manuscript. Photos of all three manuscript pages for the final essay installment are included in the second volume of the essays’ book series, which is now available at select booksellers.