Japanese manga artist Hagio inducted to U.S. Comic Hall of Fame

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Moto Hagio, left, and a cover of “Poe no Ichizoku” (The Poe Clan)

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Japan’s Moto Hagio has been inducted to the Hall of Fame for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, prestigious U.S. prizes for manga creators, major Japanese publisher Shogakukan Inc. said Saturday.

“I express my heartfelt gratitude for this great gift,” the 73-year-old manga artist, who is known for works including “Poe no Ichizoku” (The Poe Clan) and “Iguana no Musume” (Iguana Girl), said in a statement.

Recalling that she aimed to become a manga artist after she was inspired by works by Japanese manga legend Osamu Tezuka when she was a teenager, Hagio said, “I’m reminded that culture and expression derive and are inherited in this way.”

Before Hagio, six Japanese people, including Tezuka, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hayao Miyazaki, were inducted to the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame, according to Shogakukan.