Auspicious signs displayed in Kyoto ahead of annual kabuki play

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Signs bearing the names of kabuki performers are displayed at the Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto on Thursday.

The names of kabuki performers were displayed on signs Thursday ahead of the annual kabuki play “Kichirei Kaomise Kogyo,” which will be performed at the Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto from Dec. 2 to 23.

Fifty-four maneki signs, each measuring 1.8 meters by 30 centimeters, were placed in front of the theater. They were inscribed in the thick Kantei style of calligraphy to bring good luck to all corners of the theater.

The last name put up was that of Kataoka Nizaemon, a living national treasure. Last year, the name of his elder brother Hidetaro, who appeared in 71 plays, appeared under Kataoka’s, but he passed away in May this year at the age of 79.

This year the name of Nakamura Ganjiro was displayed below Kataoka’s.