JR Tokai, Tokyu to Run Luxury Train in Shizuoka Pref.

Courtesy of Tokyu Corp.
The Royal Express

SHIZUOKA (Jiji Press) — Central Japan Railway Co., or JR Tokai, and Tokyu Corp. said Thursday that they will operate a luxury tourist train in the central prefecture of Shizuoka from November to December.

Passengers of The Royal Express, an eight-carriage train, can enjoy magnificent views of Mount Fuji and Lake Hamana, and French and Japanese cuisines made from locally sourced foods.

Packages start at ¥750,000 , and up to 30 passengers will be accepted for each of six runs during the two months. Both online and mailed applications will be accepted, starting Friday, and tickets will be sold by lottery.

The two Japanese railway operators aim to promote regional revitalization through the service.

At a press conference, JR Tokai President Shunsuke Niwa said the company is eager to showcase the allure of Shizuoka to as many people as possible. Tokyu President Masahiro Horie expressed hope to contribute to the invigoration of the Shizuoka area.