Yamaha, Lola Cars Team Up to Enter Formula E; Race Experience to Aid Yamaha’s EV Business

Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Co.
A rendering of the race car to be jointly developed by Yamaha Motor Co. and Lola Cars Ltd.

Yamaha Motor Co. will enter next year’s Formula E World Championship, the pinnacle of electric vehicle racing, in partnership with British race car manufacturer Lola Cars Ltd., according to Yamaha.

Yamaha has not competed in an international four-wheel race in about 25 years. The company hopes to improve its technologies and apply them to a future EV business, the firm said Thursday.

Formula E is the all-electric version of Formula One. Formula E cars can accelerate to more than 300 kph, which means motors and other power components must be durable and offer superior driving performance.

Yamaha, which plans to develop its car body together with Lola Cars, will be responsible for developing the electric powertrain.

From 1989 to 1997, Yamaha provided engines for teams at the Formula One Grand Prix. When Yamaha enters Formula E, it will be the second Japanese company to do so, after Nissan Motor Co.