Takashimaya Apologizes for Christmas Cakes Delivered in Deformed Shape

Courtesy of a customer
A Christmas cake sold via Takashimaya’s online store and delivered to a customer in a deformed shape

Major department store chain Takashimaya Co. said Sunday some of the Christmas cakes it had sold via its online store were delivered to customers in a deformed shape. The company had received about 220 complaints and inquiries by 1 p.m. Sunday.

The company received orders for about 2,900 cakes from Sept. 20 to Dec. 9 and was supposed to deliver them from Dec. 22 to 25 as per customers’ requests, it said. The company began receiving complaints such as “The cake’s shape is deformed,” from Saturday, the day on which most customers requested their cakes be delivered.

Takashimaya posted an apology on its website on Sunday. The company is investing the cause and will refund customers or compensate them in other ways, it said.