Yamato Unveils Cargo Plane to Tackle Driver Shortages

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Yamato Transport cargo aircraft unveiled at Narita Airport on Monday.

Narita, Chiba Pref. (Jiji Press)—Yamato Holdings Co. and Japan Airlines on Monday unveiled a cargo airplane that the Japanese parcel delivery company will use for long-distance domestic transport, starting April 11 next year, to alleviate shortages of truck drivers.

The black cat logo of Yamato is depicted on the sides of the aircraft shown at Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo.

Operated by Spring Japan, a low-cost airline unit of JAL, the cargo plane can carry up to 28 tons of freight, equivalent to five to six 10-ton trucks. Yamato will procure three units under a lease contract.

Initially, the aircraft will fly nine times per day on four routes, including between Narita and New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. Yamato plans to increase the number of flights per day to 21 once all three aircraft are operational next summer.