Uniqlo Sells Second-Hand Clothes at Harajuku Shop

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Casual wear retailer Uniqlo store in the Harajuku district in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward

TOKYO, Oct. 11 (Jiji Press) — Casual wear retailer Uniqlo Co. started selling pre-owned clothes at its store in the Harajuku district in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward on Wednesday.

As part of the Fast Retailing Co. unit’s product recycling effort, the event will be held until Oct. 22.

Uniqlo has been collecting its old clothes from customers. In the project to resell some of those returned products, the company makes available two types of clothes at the store: thoroughly cleaned items for reuse, and products dyed and made look vintage.

Among items for reuse, a fleece sells for ¥1,000 and cashmere knitwear for ¥3,000, some 30 pct of new products’ prices.

Dyed clothes include T-shirts, priced at ¥1,990 per unit, and casual shirts, at ¥2,990.

Products from the early 2000s are being sold as well, allowing customers to enjoy colors and shapes unique to that time.

Also available is a service in which patches chosen by customers are applied to clothes purchased by them, costing ¥500 per patch.

Uniqlo has been donating collected old products to refugee camps. But because so many such clothes have been returned, the company finds it necessary to enhance efforts to recycle and sell them domestically.