Starbucks to Introduce Reusable Resin Glasses to Reduce Waste

Courtesy of Starbucks Coffee Japan
A new resin glass for cold drinks

Starbucks Coffee Japan announced it will introduce reusable resin glasses when serving cold drinks in about 1,500 stores to reduce waste.

The measure will be implemented from the end of March in more than 80% of its stores nationwide for in-store customers. Starbucks expects the move will curtail about 100 tons of waste per year.

The chain has already introduced such glasses in some stores and will expand the eco-friendly effort.

There are two types of glasses for all four sizes of drinks served. At the customer’s request, beverages can be served in conventional paper or plastic containers.

Starbucks has set a global goal of reducing waste by about 50% by 2030 from the 2019 level.