Trendy Outfitter Forever 21 Returns to Japan after 4-Year Break

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The Forever 21 shop in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, was opened to the media on Monday.

U.S. fashion brand Forever 21 restarted its business in Japan on Tuesday some four years after withdrawing from the market in 2019, with products set to be available online and at a limited-time store in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

The brand is expected to establish 15 permanent shops in five years, beginning with a shop in Osaka in April. At its Japan outlets, it aims to reestablish its popularity as a casual brand that emphasizes affordability and trends, with 80% of its products to be Japan-only items tailored to the fit and tastes of Japanese consumers.

Adastria, a major Japanese apparel company, is in charge of product planning and sales for Forever 21, and will target women in their late teens to early 30s. At the new shops, the average price of shirts and skirts is expected to be ¥4,000, higher than before. Adastria hopes to make the brand stand out in a highly competitive market by emphasizing the durability of product materials as compared to the cheaper products of Uniqlo or GU.

“We want [Forever 21] to combine quality and affordability,” said Gentaro Noda, creative director for Adastria.

The Shibuya store will be open through Feb. 26.