Shibuya’s New Landmark to Open in November

Courtesy of Tokyu Land Corp.
An artist’s rendering of the Shibuya Sakura Stage, a two-tower complex, being built in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

The Shibuya Sakura Stage, which will open in November near Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, is expected to attract many visitors as an iconic new landmark in the area.

Tokyu Land Corp. announced last week that construction of the complex would be completed on Nov. 30. It is located in the Sakuragaoka district of Shibuya Ward, on the south side of the station. Commercial facilities are expected to open around the summer of 2024, according to the firm.

This is the largest redevelopment project Tokyu Land has ever undertaken in the Shibuya Station area. The 39- and 30-story towers in the facility cover an area of approximately 2.6 hectares. In addition to 15,200 square meters of commercial space serving a variety of tenants, there will also be offices and condominiums.

To attract a diverse range of people, the Sakura Stage will further include rental housing for mid- to long-term visitors operated by the Hyatt Hotels group of the United States, as well as a multilingual childcare support facility and a medical facility.

Tokyu Land has its headquarters in Shibuya, but the company has not previously redeveloped the Sakuragaoka area. The firm hopes to strengthen its business foundation with the opening of the Sakura Stage, by making it easier for visitors to get around Shibuya Station.

“We also want to assist the stays of foreign businesspeople and spur the area to be more diverse,” Tokyu Land President Masashi Okada said at a press conference on Thursday.