10 more Mitsubishi Electric execs punished over quality scandal

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
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TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Mitsubishi Electric Corp. on Thursday announced punishments for 10 more incumbent and former executives over a series of product quality inspection irregularities at the Japanese company.

The major electronics and heavy machinery maker decided the additional punishments to clarify management responsibilities for the scandal after a probe by an independent committee newly discovered 70 cases of misconduct at 11 manufacturing bases of the company. In total, 197 cases of malpractice have been confirmed at 17 manufacturing bases.

According to the investigation committee, former Mitsubishi Electric Chairman Masaki Sakuyama led the practice of altering the product quality inspection results submitted to client companies when he was in a senior position.

Three of the 10 are incumbent officials, and they will have their remuneration cut by 20% or 30% for three months. Seven former officials will be asked to return the equivalent of 20% or 30% of their monthly pay for three months at the time of their retirement.

As Mitsubishi Electric took disciplinary actions for 12 former and current executives, including current President Kei Uruma, last December, the total number of executives subject to punishment for the scandal now stands at 22.