Mazda to cease production in Russia

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Mazda’s CX-5

Mazda Motor Corp. has decided to end production in Russia, following Toyota Motor Corp.’s exit from the country, due to difficulties in procuring parts.

Mazda suspended its operations in Russia in spring due to supply chain disruptions caused by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. It made the decision to fully withdraw as there was no prospect of being able to resume operation.

Mazda considers Europe to be one of its major markets. As condemnations continue to mount against Russia, the automaker is also believed to have taken the impact of its corporate image into consideration.

Mazda plans to hold practical discussions with the Russian company that it cooperates in joint venture regarding withdrawal.

The automaker has been producing the CX-5 sports utility vehicle and other models in Vladivostok in eastern Russia since 2012 for the local market.

Toyota, for its part, announced Friday that it will close its plant in St. Petersburg in western Russia.