Lawson to expand Muji brand items to all stores

Courtesy of Lawson, Inc.
Muji brand items at a Lawson outlet

Lawson, Inc. will carry Muji brand household goods at all its approximately 14,000 stores from as early as 2023, it has been learned.

The convenience store chain operator will set up dedicated shelves for about 200 Muji brand items, including cosmetics, stationery, retort pouch curry and confectioneries.

Lawson began sales of Muji brand items on a trial basis in June 2020, in cooperation with the Muji brand operator Ryohin Keikaku Co. It currently offers Muji goods at about 110 stores in Tokyo and the prefectures of Chiba and Saitama.

The response from customers has been favorable, prompting Lawson to decide to carry Muji items in all its stores.

Muji was originally a private brand of Seiyu Co., a core company of the former Saison Group, and later became independent as Ryohin Keikaku.

After the dissolution of Saison Group, Ryohin Keikaku continued to supply Muji brand items to FamilyMart Co., which was under the umbrella of Saison Group. However, their contract expired in 2019.