Japan firm develops walk-through air shower to remove pollen, counter hay fever

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A man walks through a Daiwa House air shower in Kashihara, Nara Prefecture.

Daiwa House Industry Co. has developed an indoor, walk-through air shower that helps remove pollen from the body, thus ameliorating the effects of hay fever.

The device uses Sharp Corp.’s ion-generation technology, which neutralizes static electricity, making it easier for pollen to be removed. The sides and top of the air shower are coated with titanium oxide, a photocatalyst that produces an allergen-reducing chemical reaction when exposed to light.

According to the company, the air shower can reduce the amount of pollen brought into a room by more than 80%, while the photocatalyst reduces the effect of allergens by 99.4%.

The company is currently trialing the device at hotels in Osaka City and Kashihara, Nara Prefecture. The result of the tests — based on questionnaires filled out by guests — will be examined by Nara Medical University.

The company believes the air shower has wider use beyond hotels, such as at condominiums and commercial facilities.