Hino’s engine certificates revoked over data tampering

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Japan’s transport ministry Tuesday revoked Hino Motors Ltd.’s type certificates for four types of engine over its tampering with emissions and fuel efficiency data on the engines for trucks and buses.

The administrative punishment under the road trucking vehicle law means that the Japanese company is no longer able to manufacture vehicles with the engines in question. This is the first withdrawal of a type certificate since the law took effect in 1951, according to the ministry.

Hino, a unit of Toyota Motor Corp. , said on March 4 that it had submitted falsified emissions and fuel efficiency data for three types of engine for midsize and large trucks and busses. On Friday, the company said the scandal also affected one type of engine for small buses.

According to the ministry, the company had replaced deteriorated catalysts during emissions tests for engines for midsize vehicles to make their performance look better. The company had also manipulated equipment during fuel economy tests for engines for small and large vehicles to make them appear to meet regulatory standards.

The ministry also punished Toyota and Isuzu Motors Ltd., which received the engines in question from Hino and obtained type certificates for their vehicles using them.

The three makers have shipped some 120,000 vehicles with the engines in question since 2017.

Hino has recalled 46,746 midsize trucks for free repair as they may have failed to meet emissions standards.

The company also said it would take necessary measures if owners of vehicles with engines with falsified fuel efficiency data need to pay additional taxes.

The ministry has instructed Hino to investigate whether it had committed data falsification for other engines.