Sharp enters cosmetics market

Courtesy of Sharp Corp.
(From left) A moisturizing cream, medicated toner and medicated emulsion to be released by Sharp Corp.

OSAKA — Major home appliance maker Sharp Corp. is entering the cosmetics business, the company said.

The Osaka Prefecture-based company announced last week that it will launch a medicated moisturizing cream on Tuesday, followed by medicated toner and medicated emulsion in late April or later.

Sharp has been producing face masks since the beginning of the novel coronavirus crisis. Now the company said that it hopes to make products that address skin problems caused by the daily wearing of masks.

In a survey conducted by Sharp in February, it was found that the daily wearing of masks has caused skin problems for about 30% of men and 40% of women. The company said that an increasing number of people may be suffering from skin irritation caused by the rubbing of masks against the face.

The three products to be released contain moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which will make them effective in maintaining moisture and preventing rough and dry skin, according to the company. The new products are priced between ¥1,280 to ¥2,280, and will be sold at Sharp’s online store.

Sharp has been involved in face mask sales since April 2020 and has so far shipped over 300 million units.