McDonald’s Japan to raise prices of burgers, other items

Courtesy of McDonald’s Company (Japan) Ltd.
A McDonald’s hamburger

McDonald’s Company (Japan) Ltd. said Friday it will raise prices on hamburgers and other menu items on March 14 from ¥10 to ¥20 to counter factors that include the rising cost of raw materials.

The hike is in response to soaring prices of wheat, beef and other raw materials, as well as increasing costs for labor and transportation.

It will be the first price hike on burgers for McDonald’s Japan since October 2019, when consumption tax went up to 10%.

The new price for a hamburger will be ¥130, up from ¥110, the company said. Prices will also go up on cheeseburgers, the Teriyaki McBurger and the Filet-O-Fish, among other products.

Small McShake will cost an additional ¥10 at ¥130, and customers will also have to pay ¥10 more for Chicken McNuggets, bumping the price to ¥590 for the 15-piece set.

Prices will also go up on set meals, some Yoru Macs items after 5 p.m., and many menu selections available by delivery.