G20 Draft Calls AI an Educational Challenge

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
A high school student work on homework, using generative AI.

A draft outline for a document to be released at the Group of 20 Education Ministers’ Meeting in India on Thursday stresses the need for each country to address issues surrounding generative AI, stating that the technology will improve education systems even while it will also pose challenges, according to Japanese government officials.

As education should foster students’ ability to think and express themselves, there are concerns about the adverse impact of generative AI that instantly creates essays and book reports by utilizing data available on the internet.

At the Group of Seven education ministers’ meeting in May, which was chaired by Japan, participants agreed that these negative aspects should be addressed. It is expected that the G20 nations will share the same view.

The draft outline presents the idea of encouraging systematic evaluation of the evolution of AI, including generative AI models, with positive and negative impacts in mind. It also includes policies of combining face-to-face and digital learning in educational settings as well as ensuring that students have opportunities to improve their ability to use digital technology.

In addition, the draft outline incorporates plans to create an environment in which teachers can focus on their primary duties, such as teaching, and promoting high-quality education, taking gender issues into consideration.