Sleep-aid Device Launched by Vietnamese Startup at CES

Earable® Neuroscience via Viet Nam News
FRENZ Brainband at the 2023 Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas

Earable Neuroscience launched its highly-anticipated FRENZ Brainband at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas recently. The event, held offline and online, drew a large audience of tech enthusiasts and industry professionals.

FRENZ Brainband was invented by Earable Neuroscience, a Vietnamese deep technology start-up based in the U.S. and Vietnam, led by Professor Vu Ngoc Tam — Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. This product won the prestigious CES Innovation Award for the category of wearable technology devices in November, becoming the first Vietnamese company so far that has received an award at CES.

CES is recognized worldwide as the global stage for innovation and the most influential tech event in the world. Most winners at CES are large companies that own core technology research patents, such as Samsung, with 46 awards at CES 2023 in all different categories, LG, Bosch, Canon, Lenovo, HTC and Qualcomm.

FRENZ Brainband is a smart headset that can potentially shake up sleep tech as the world’s first wearable that can track and stimulate brain activities via bone conduction speakers to facilitate better quality sleep, focus and relaxation. It’s a minimalist and sophisticated design, and the comfort of the material enables users to use it for a long time, up to 10 hours in all situations, while sleeping, studying and working and entertaining.

This tech product holds 15 global core patents worldwide.

Every year, 900 million consumer wearables are sold worldwide. With 60% of the world population suffering from sleep problems and that number expected to grow, sleep-aid products are emerging as a potent and fast-growing industry. In 2021, the global sleep aid market was valued at $64.08 billion, with a compound average growth rate of 7.1% expected by 2030.

“The device has the potential to become the accessory for the new generation to enjoy better sleep, better focus, better relaxation, or simply to understand more about yourself, about your mind,” said Doan Kieu My, marketing director of Earable Neuroscience at the event.

Recently, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has coordinated with major technology corporations worldwide to announce the Vietnam Innovation Initiative (InnovateVN) and assigned the National Innovation Centre (NIC) to coordinate and connect resources to support and promote Vietnam’s pioneering innovative enterprises.

NIC Director Vu Quac Huy said the center is committed to continuing to coordinate and connect necessary resources such as finance, technology, laboratories, production areas, talented human resources and workspaces to support pioneering, innovative businesses such as Earable Neuroscience to develop new products and business models, affirming Vietnamese wisdom on the world innovation map.