China: Hong Kong opens 1st mountain bike facility, sustainably constructed and aimed at all levels

Information Services Department of HKSAR via China Daily
Aerial view of bike trails in the Mui Wo Mountain Bike Practice Ground are seen on Dec. 17.

For mountain biking fans, there is now a place where they can practice all their moves and improve their skills.

Hong Kong’s first mountain bike practice ground has been built by the Civil Engineering and Development Department and it officially opened to the public recently.

Located in Lantau South Country Park with an area of 4.5 hectares, Mui Wo Mountain Bike Practice Ground is one of the largest practice grounds in Asia, and together with its associated trails, it becomes nine kilometers long and covers five difficulty ratings, the government said in a statement.

International Mountain Bicycling Association trail specialist Lim Hui-min, who was assigned to help with the design of the practice ground, said many of the trails in Hong Kong are for advanced riders, but with the opening of the new facility, riders of all levels, including beginners, will be able to enjoy the sport.

“We have various beginner practice areas where you can learn skill sets. We have a whole series of rock gardens from various so-called beginner to advanced rock gardens,” he said.

“There is a lot of progression of skill sets in mountain biking. These are the exact features that we need for the riders to get their skill sets to the next level.”

The practice ground and trails are part of the second phase of the Expansion of Mountain Bike Trail Networks, and with the expansion of the Chi Ma Wan section, they stretch to about 13 kilometers.

Sustainable biking

The trails were designed with sustainability in mind. Their alignment follows the terrain to avoid tree felling as much as possible so as to retain the original look of the surrounding environment.

Natural, locally-sourced materials were also used. For the rock garden in the practice ground, the rocks were collected from construction sites.

Managed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department after the official opening, the practice ground will remain open round-the-clock.