Indonesia: Pink ‘Squid Game’ soldiers entertain test participants

Courtesy of Kompas TV via Jakarta Post
Officials who supervised the civil servant enrollment test are dressed up as the pink soldiers from the South Korean hit series “Squid Game.”

The latest craze for the South Korean hit series “Squid Game” was eerily evident during the recent civil servant enrollment test (CPNS) at the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s East Java office.

The officials who supervised the test dressed up as the pink soldiers from “Squid Game,” famous for their merciless execution of those who fail at the show’s lethal games. They were also equipped with prop guns.

The pink soldiers appeared from inside the campus of the 17 August 1945 University in Surabaya to gather the CPNS participants on the 12th day of the test as sirens blared across the university’s courtyard.

The show’s intense score was heard as the pink soldiers marched and helped check the participants’ administrative requirements. They also posed and acted for the ministry’s promotional video, pointing the prop guns at the participants.

Krismono, the head of the East Java office of the Law and Human Rights Ministry, said that they wanted to create a different atmosphere during the test.

“We want to make the participants more relaxed and happy,” said Krismono on Oct. 20, as quoted by

“Because when we’re relaxed, we can think more clearly,” he added.

He said “Squid Game” was chosen because there is a similarity between the South Korean series and the CPNS test in that participants have to get past various obstacles in order to win the ultimate prize.

“But the difference is, ‘Squid Game’ is participated in by desperate people, while the CPNS test is taken by people who are enthusiastic and optimistic,” he continued.

Just as in the globally successful survival series, the CPNS for the Law and Human Rights Ministry in Surabaya will only accept a fraction of the 26,435 participants who entered to go to the next stage.

One of the participants, Aini Solikhah, admitted that she liked the committee’s ‘Squid Game’ gimmick.

“It was cool. It’s good, it helped to ease the tension,” said Aini as quoted by

Meanwhile, social media users reacted more negatively, with some describing it as “cringe” and others wondering about the amount of money the government spent on the idea.

“Tacky! Absolutely tacky!” user @LordCondet wrote on Twitter, with thousands agreeing with the tweet. “I see it more as the Law and Human Rights Ministry cosplaying as the bad guys.”