Muwete Muluaka, Former Secretary to Diet Member Muneo Suzuki, Dies at Age 62

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Muwete Muluaka

Muwete Muluaka, a former secretary to Diet member Muneo Suzuki, died at the age of 62.

Born in present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo, Muluaka came to Japan in 1985 and worked as a TV personality and university lecturer. He was a secretary for Suzuki for 10 years from 1992 when Suzuki was a member of the House of Representatives for the Liberal Democratic Party. Muluaka was noted for being 2 meters 9 centimeters tall.

According to Suzuki and others, he left Japan on Aug. 30 for Congo and lost consciousness on an airplane. A doctor on board confirmed his death.